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preacher3I’ve been preaching the awesomeness of frost around here like some sort of gospel. It’s time I change that.

Today, I’m going to complain endlessly about frost. This has nothing to do with my hatred of winter and the fact that it just snowed up here. Nothing at all.

First things first. Fingers of Frost. Blizzard (or Ghostcrawler, if you will) has stated on numerous occasions that the intention was to give frost mages the ability to use “shatter” in a raid environment, in a similar to fashion to how it’s used in PvP.

So far, FoF has failed utterly at this. As it works now, providing charges of shatter, it only succeeds in being a flat increase to DPS, requiring no input whatsoever from the mage. Really, the only active participation is making sure you don’t cast a fireball while FoF is up.

In the early stages of raiding, it used to be viable to use an ice lance for the second charge. The inability for ice lance to further proc FoF was offset by the fact that it was instant. However, ice lance does not scale, and so at about 1700 spell damage, was no longer worth the GCD it spent.

And now, with ice lance not proccing brain freeze, it isn’t even useful for entry level raiding. (more…)

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What follows is a complete analysis to all of the talents in the frost tree. Each talent will be discussed from a Raiding (PvE), Leveling, and PvP standpoint, and finally, given a rating on the following scale:

  • Must have
  • Solid
  • Okay
  • Poor
  • Skip it

All talent descriptions are assuming you have the maximized talent. (more…)

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What follows is a complete analysis to all of the talents in the fire tree. Each talent will be discussed from both a PvE and a PvP standpoint, and finally, given a rating on the following scale:

  • Must have
  • Solid
  • Okay
  • Poor
  • Skip it

All talent descriptions are assuming you have maximized the talent. (more…)

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What follows is a complete analysis to all of the talents, old and new, being released in patch 3.0 and moving forward into Wrath of the Lich King. Each talentis weighted for it’s use “raiding” (end game group content), “solo” (leveling, random quests), and “PvP” (battlegrounds, arenas). Each talent is given a rating as follows, for each area of the game:

  • Must have
  • Solid
  • Okay
  • Poor
  • Skip it

All talent descriptions are assuming you have maximized the talent. (more…)

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Answering E-mail!

Hey there,
First off, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now. I can’t thank you enough as you’ve improved every facet of my game ten-fold and then some. Recently, I’ve just re-specced to Frost for the first time ever and started PvP. My God, the fun! I was always a Pyromancer raider and rarely PvPed. This just opened up the game for me so it’s like new. Enough rambling, here’s the question.
Does Frost Warding apply to Ice Barrier? I have a good hunch it does, but I figured I’d make sure. I’ve noticed some opportunites in BG’s where a good Improved Blizzard looks like it would work wonders (i.e. Flag Carriers and their escorts). Currently, I have no points in Improved Blizzard and I’m looking for a viable way to rob Peter and pay Paul in the talent calculator.
I’m the typical 17/0/44 Frost spec.
If Frost Warding doesn’t apply to Barrier, then I would immediately remove those points. I rarely use Frost Armor (Molten for me) and Frost Ward only comes out during Mage vs. Mage fights.
Anyway, what do you think?
Thanks for taking the time to read my email and post on your blog. Again, I can’t overstate it enough on how much it has helped me improve my game.
Take care,
P.S. – As I type this email, it dawned on me that I will be getting into Arenas for the very first time as well. I will go back and peruse your site for tips, but in case you haven’t written anything any tips you could pass along would be more then welcome. My friend was an SL/SL warlock, but he got tired of it and respecced to Destruction. We just transferred to a new realm so we don’t know anyone else yet. That being said, we’ll be in a lot of 2v2s. You can check me out on Armory as *&!%##$*&( on the &*!^#%!$#%%%%% realm. Thanks again!

Aww, you make us blush, and frown at your e-mail suspiciously. You’re not just trying to make me vulnerable and then stab my tender heart with the dagger of YOU SUCK?

Ok good. (more…)

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Patch Notes? /rofl

OMG! The patch notes for 2.4 have been leaked!

Let’s see what kind of idiocy the guy who came up with these thought of… (more…)

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Raiding as Fire

Quick Stats

Most Common Specs
10/47/3 – Clearcast raid fire
2/47/11 – Icy Veins raid fire
Gains 210% damage from critical hits.
Spell Hit Cap: 164 rating

Raiding as fire.

We’re talking 47 points of awesome into the fire tree, and the others spent wherever you deem fit.

It’s easy.

It’s unoriginal.

And it works. (more…)

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Theory of PvP? Mobile Fighting!

A deep mind for deep thoughts.

This whole thought process was sparked by a comment I left on Galoheart’s website.

To reiterate here, World of Warcraft can actually be divided into two separate games. One of which is the PvE, and one of which is the PvP.
These two worlds do not interact with each other, much as players and developers alike would love to say they do. They don’t.

One version is the technical detail, the precision, that goes into player versus environment. This is pitting live, human players versus artificial intelligence, and in WoW’s case, its almost always not intelligent, just scripted. Not a criticism, just a statement of fact, is all.

Then we have PvP, where it is a player versus another player. Nothing is scripted, little is preset. It’s simply players killing each other in a competitive environment with the tools they have.

PvE does not mesh with PvP. PvP does not mesh with PvE. You can have one or the other. A player character does not react to “aggro”. A prot warrior cannot use taunt to save his healer. A hunter cannot use disengage to drop aggro. In PvP, a PoM Pyro would be a great opener, dropping a huge amount of damage right at the start. In PvE, this is called “suicide”.

But I need not go into depth here.

Quite bluntly, PvE and PvP each require completely different talent specs and gear sets to be successful in each.

If you’re a heavy disc priest sporting 400 resilience, you are going to be a very poor raid healer.

If you show up to an arena with your epic Tier 5 healing gear, able to keep a tank up solo for an entire boss encounter, you’re going to be annihilated by a rogue named Zephirotth.

You can find hybrid specs, you can put points into both PvE and PvP talents… but in most cases, this will leave you sorely lacking in both spots.

Take mages, for example. In order to be successful arena wise, you must put hefty numbers of points into frost to be widely successful. You won’t go anywhere in a competitive arena as a raid fire mage, except for a quick and speedy dirt nap.
Likewise, if you try and raid as PvP frost, you will find yourself being out DPS’d by the main tank.

So. Now that we’ve got that out of the way. (more…)

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Sorry, I’m Chair Spec

Alterac Valley

“maeg tabl now kkthx”
“Sorry, I’m Chair Spec”

Standing Around Orgrimmar

“plz giv watr”
“You say plz because please takes too long to type. I say no rather than yes for the same reason”

“hey can i hav sum waters?”
“Sorry :( I’m fire specced, can’t make water atm”

“yo mage water?”

“need 3 stacks water”
“Sorry, food specced”
(NOTE: This didn’t actually work)

*Opens trade*
*I put 500 gold into the window*

“hey i need some food”
“Sure thing.” *Invites to party* *Makes portal to Thunder Bluff*
“Click for food”
*Leaves Group*

Standing Around Shattrath

“can yo make me some water?”
“/cast Invisibility”
*Run and hide*

“i need a coupla stak s water”
“Thats nice”

“hey, can i have some Water?”
“There’s actually a secret way to make your own water. When you throw a snowball at any fire elemental mob, when you loot the elementals body, it gives you water of whatever rank the elenmental was”
“Yeah! I just found that out yesterday! Go try it out!”
“Alright, thanks man!” *Runs off to flight path*
*20 minutes later*
“/lol. Pwnd”

Arathi Basin

“Yo mage, make us a table”
“Sorry, guys, it has a one hour cooldown :( Can’t do that yet”
(NOTE: the other mage in the BG whispered me: “i fucking love you”)

Me on my Hunter Alt to a 70 mage on Orgrimmar

“Oh Mighty Master of the Arcane… May this worthless pile of pixels beg of you for but a small drink, so that he may quench his unworthy thirst upon your Holy Nectar of the God’s Themselves?”
(NOTE: Shamelessly stolen from the forums, it works incredibly well. Have never, ever been turned down with this proposition)

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Did this up for my guild, so’s peeps would have an idea of what mages do raid-wise, specific to Anathema anyways.

It’s occured to me that this guild has not had much exposure to mages as a class.

When me and Vox joined, you guys had… what, Sequel?

So I figured I’d put up this post here, in an effort to (briefly) explain how mages work, and most importantly, how us mages currently affect our current raids/dps make-ups and such.
Any wacko with half a brain can say “Mages does DPS, yuh” but feh.

First off. This guild already has incredibly strong DPS capacity. We have multiple hunters and rogues that consistently do incredibly high amounts of damage, and a couple other caster types who make me feel all sad and happy at the same time (I’m looking at you, Abby and Mord).
Frankly, we could drop a DPS group entirely and we’d be fine, damage wise. I mean, we have, what, 4 minutes to spare on average for Void Reaver?
In this regard, Anathema does not really need to have us few mages go all out balls-to-the-wall, because we already have the DPS there. We aren’t filling in any holes, because there simply aren’t any holes to fill.
You need look no further than some of our random WWS stats pages to see that the magey DPS is always on the low end of the list.
I can QQ all I want, mage DPS is gimped, blah blah, cry, whine, bitch, warlocks are better, blah blah I want some fucking pie. (more…)

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