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Did this up for my guild, so’s peeps would have an idea of what mages do raid-wise, specific to Anathema anyways.

It’s occured to me that this guild has not had much exposure to mages as a class.

When me and Vox joined, you guys had… what, Sequel?

So I figured I’d put up this post here, in an effort to (briefly) explain how mages work, and most importantly, how us mages currently affect our current raids/dps make-ups and such.
Any wacko with half a brain can say “Mages does DPS, yuh” but feh.

First off. This guild already has incredibly strong DPS capacity. We have multiple hunters and rogues that consistently do incredibly high amounts of damage, and a couple other caster types who make me feel all sad and happy at the same time (I’m looking at you, Abby and Mord).
Frankly, we could drop a DPS group entirely and we’d be fine, damage wise. I mean, we have, what, 4 minutes to spare on average for Void Reaver?
In this regard, Anathema does not really need to have us few mages go all out balls-to-the-wall, because we already have the DPS there. We aren’t filling in any holes, because there simply aren’t any holes to fill.
You need look no further than some of our random WWS stats pages to see that the magey DPS is always on the low end of the list.
I can QQ all I want, mage DPS is gimped, blah blah, cry, whine, bitch, warlocks are better, blah blah I want some fucking pie. (more…)

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So You Want Some Mage Bikkits

Have I talked about this before? I don’t know if I have, but here goes.


Ok, seriously. All you people in Arathi Basin, Eye, whatever, who ask for mage biscuits, and get alarmed and outraged when none appear, you guys need to know some things.

One. You are not entitled to this stuff. When you say in Alterac Valley /bg “wtf no mage table?”, guaranteed I will never, ever summon a table for the rest of the night. You piss me off. What makes you think you deserve to have mage biscuits? What gives you the sense of entitlement that I would spend hundreds of gold to be able to get this spell, and give them away to some fucktard like you I’ve never met, and probably will never see again? Just shut up and buy your own damn food and water.

Two. What makes you think mage food/water/bikkits are free? Do you have any idea of the amount of gold we sink into this convenience? First off, buying the second highest food/water ranked spells costs us 5 gold apiece. Thats 10 gold just to get the prerequisite to being able to buy the food and water books.
Care to take a guess at how much these books cost?
Lemme check my Auctioneer addon, an brilliant, incredibly handy tool that no self-respecting mage, or any WoW player for that matter, should go without (spikes the camera).
The top ranked food book costs, on average: 180.9g (B.O.), 120.1g (starting bid)
The top ranked water book costs, on average: 226.5g (B.O.), 143.2g (starting bid)
So let’s see. 10 gold to get the prerequisite to the books, bare minimum of about 300 gold to purchase said books. Combine that with the spell costing 9g to even purchase, and about 16 silver (or more, depending on reputation) PER SPELL, thats a ton of cash.
So… explain this to me. Why would I spend well over 300 gold to give you free food? Just attempt to explain this to me.

“Cause you’d be helping a temmate”.

Yeah. STFU and petition Blizz to allow friendly fire.

And don’t try and pull soe bullshit about it being free to cast because of the “Free spell” thing before battlegrouns. I still put down 2 of the dusts for every summon. Which is still 16 silver.

“Oooh, 16 silver, thats so much /sarcasm”

No, its not a lot of money. But why on earth would I spend ANYTHING on you?

So, yes. I have a problem with people asking for biscuits in battlegrounds. I spent a lot of money to get to the point where food/water are never a concern for me or my raid group.
I did not spend a lot of money so that some random scrub I meat from Andorhal can have some free food.

And to those people who /w me “Hey can I have some food?”
Don’t get outraged when I say “Sure 3g a stack”
Remember. I paid gold so you can have the privelage of asking me for food. It will never, EVER be free.
Unless its downranked. In that case, its so bloody easy I’ll give you 5 stacks for free.

For those who are wondering, I paid 120 gold for the food book, and 135 gold for the water book. Not bad, considering.

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PoM Pyro For Nubs

In the old days, back when level 70’s were still fresh and the majority of us were still getting boned in Hellfire or goofing off in Nagrand, the mage forums were alive with cries and screaming about PoM Pyro.
Specifically, the Arcane Power + Presence of Mind + Pyroblast + Damage Trinket that was causing mages to output incredibly high numbers with a single spell. Especially when the thing crit. (See above picture)
Many, many people called for nerfs, for cooldown to Pyroblast, for anything and everything to lower the damage that mages can output.

Idiots, the lot of them.

The forums have quited down about this issue, but roughly once or twice a day, a new thread pops up complaining about PoM Pyro, complaining about being one shot, on and on and on.

Now, I hate to take the standpoint of many other trolls, but I don’t really have a choice here.

Y’all are idiots. Seriously, L2play, nub.

You will only ever get hit by incedibly high amounts of damage from PoM Pyro in the following situations:

1) You are an idiot, and do not know how to play or gear for PvP.

2) You have yet to spend enough time gathering resilience, and you are squishy and mine eyes. And when thou art squishy, thou gettest squished.

First off, every class in the game has options to survive / become completely immune to a Pyroblast. You might not always have these options avaliable to you, but then again, the mage is not always able to PoM Pyro you for insane amounts of damage.

Druids have little choice but to take the damage and hope for the best. Bear form can take an incredible beating, and you always have the options of Heal over Time spells. If a druid’s reaction time is fast enough (which it will be if your any good at PvP), you will be able to shrug off a Pyro without much, if any, difficulty.
Of course, if you’re a Bad Druid, you will get rofl-stomped

Warriors have a load of hitpoints avaliable to them, and most of them will simply raise their eye-brows at Pyroblast. Spell-reflect is also avaliable to be used, and quick warriors can knock up a spellreflect on a PoM Pyro fast retro-actively.

Paladins can bubble, and are usually in the same boat as Warriors HP-wise. No, you will not always have bubble avaliable to you, but you will always be able to heal yourself. And when our Counterspell is on cooldown, there is shit all we can do to stop you. The fact is, you’re a Paladin. You can survive a Pyro. Not a problem.

Rogues can CloS. Oh, look, no damage. And don’t complain about that being on cooldown. It’s 1 bloody minute. You have that sucker ready to go, don’t you? I have never, ever fought a rogue (since CloS became trainable, mind you) that was not able to pop CloS while fighting me. And if you’re Subtlety spec (I see you little blink-stealing buggers), then you probably won’t be killed by Pyro anyways. The laws of gambling and cheat death are in your favor.

Fellow mages can shield themself, Spellsteal Presence of Mind, Arcane Power, whatever, Ice Block themselves, even silence the other mage to prevent a Pyro. There are a lot of options avaliable to cut down on some of the damage, avoid the damage for a while, or completely avoid it.

Warlocks are strange in that some of them can take the damage, some can’t. Some will be totally immune to fire damage for a while, some will simply be impossible to get high damage with (Soul Link, dontchaknow?), and some will simply deathcoil/chain fear/pinkhearts you when they see major cooldowns being used. Or spell lock you. Or simply eat your Arcane Power/Presence of Mind. Warlocks quick on the uptake will be like “What is this mage doing? Arcane Power? /sigh… spell lock… deathcoil… hrm, that was fun, wasn’t it, mister wasted 3 minute cooldowns?”
Some warlocks simply will not have the reaction speed/spec, and will eat a lot of damage. Which they’ll usually shrug off anyway, use a health stone, or fear / drain life you. Whatever they’re into, I guess.

Priests are one of the more vulnerable classes to a successful PoM Pyro. They only have one lousy bubble, which even in its buffed form, can be knocked aside rather quickly. Specced into Disc, the priest will be hurting the mage substantially as well, but thats not much of a consolation when you suddenly eat 4k damage. A priest practically has to be disc spec to survive a PoM Pyro, because Pain Suppression / Improved MiniBubble are simply that good. Holy is pretty much boned, as is Shadow. Its certainly survivable, they are just a wee bit more vulnerable than other classes.

Shaman can have a lot of trouble with PoM Pyros. They only have one reliable way to avoid it, and thats Grounding Totem. Which the mage will probably shoot an Ice Lance at. /shrug. Without that, you are naked to the massive damage. At this point, only earth shield and praying Counterspell is on cooldown can save you. Thats no fault of your own, its just you class doesn’t do good againt Mages.

Hunters are the worst off class versus a PoM Pyro. They’re only defence, Feign Death, is little more than a distraction that might buy a second, or two if the mage is slow on the uptake. The only real defence hunters have is to try and keep the mage locked down as much as possible. Scatter shot, Wyvern Sting, Intimidation, even Arcane Shot and hope it dispells something important.

But even if you don’t have the cooldowns ready to go, even if you don’t have any real defences against a PoM Pyro, it should not be hard to shrug off the damage if you have any level of decent gear.
You’re here to PvP, right? Then pick up some stats that are suitable for the job.

Pyroblast taking too much out of your hitpoints? Get more stamina. Pyroblast critting you for 7k? Grab some resilience, and watch that crit damage steadily fall.
Watch that 7k turn into 4k, assuming it crits at all anymore.

If you get the right gear, and all those shiny 3 minute cooldowns and 21, 31, 11 tier point talents will amount to is hitting for 2-3 thousand damage, and maybe critting for 4000-ish. Assuming it crits at all. And seriously? Thats not very much damage at all.
Literally any PvP spec (besides healers) can easily deal out that much without a lot of effort.

And just for speccing to get PoM Pyro, that mage is squishy as hell. We pay through the nose to get a crap load of damage, and watch it all amount to practically zilch thanks to Resilience.
A single Holy Light spell from a Paladin in any decent amount of healing gear will be able to heal up the entirety of a PoM Pyro.

In conclusion.

Stop whining. Learn to Play. Get some fuggin’ resilience. PoM Pyro ain’t that great, when you bother to build even a half-assed defence against it.

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My buff! MINE!

Top Ten list of the coolest things that I’e done because of spell steal.

10. Blessing of Freedom from a Paladin, and then watched in amusement as a Warrior hit me with hamstring 4 times with Hamstring. I can only imagine his utter confusion as “Immune” kept popping up on his screen. Poor guy.

9. Snagging Ice Barrier from a mage… that just spellstole it from me a couple seconds ago.

8. Nature’s Swiftness from a Shaman. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

7. I first found out about a warlock’s Fel Armor (it is called Fel Armor, right?) when I spellstole it in AB. Warlocks have an armor they can fire up to increase spell damage by 100? What the crap? I want that! So I had it for 2 minutes. And bloody hell, I want it all the time! What a godly buff…

6. In what I presume was a very strange glitch, I spellstole Shadowform off a Priest. Say what you like, the fact was, I had shadowform for 2 minutes, and the priest in front of me changed from a dark glowy elf to a plain old elf.

5. While fighting a warlock, he sacrificed his precious Voidwalker to gain enough time to get a Felpuppy out. I spellstole it, counter-spelled the summon, and wiped the floor with him. I love making gnomes cry. I really, really do.

4. Fighting a Discipline priest, and spellstealing Pain Suppression. I’m pretty sure I caused that little dwarf to cry himself to sleep… Oddly enough, spellsteal seems to snag this buff almost every time a priest casts it.

3. In a 2v2 arena, I was against a Warrior/priest combo. When the warrior rushed at me, I hit spellsteal instead of Ice Lance (d’oh) and snagged Shadow Resistance. Later in the fight, once the warrior was dead, the priest saw his chance to one shot me with Power Word: Death. It critted me for… 4. Thats right. Power Word: Death critted me for a grand total of 4. Best partial resist ever.

2. Presence of Mind from an Arcane mage in AV. Even worse, I didn’t notice I had spell-stolen it. So I hit sheep in an effort to waste his cooldown. Imagine my shock when I cast an Instant Polymorph. I hit spellsteal again. Arcane Power? I wet myself laughing. Needless to say, I slaughtered the arcane mage.

1. Ice Block from a Dranei mage that was lagging. Thus letting my Paladin arena partner to get the killing blow, while I sat utterly confused in a block of Ice, staring in utter bamboozlety at my Ice Block button, which wasn’t on cooldown… Why does this take the #1 slot? Because a Holy Paladin got the winning blow of arena match. THAT is made of so much awesome, I cannot imagine putting it anywhere else.

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Ok, so this is a serious post again.

I would like to talk about trainable Ice Block, and the possible repurcussions that would entail, if any.
For those not in the “know”, the following forums are in an uproar about mages getting trainable Ice Block:
-Mage forums (duh)
-Warrior forums
-Warlock forums
-Hunter forums

The other forums don’t really seem to care. The rogues are bust theorycrafting in thread after thread about the new Hemorrhage, the Shamans are awash in utter disappointment, Paladins are still yelling and screaming at each other about retribution, and the priests seem strangely occupied about racials.

The warriors are anywhere for entirely outraged from a PvP standpoint, the warlocks are QQ’ing endlessly about the might of the mages (this made me laugh, long and bitterly), and the hunters somehow think we’ll be incredibly overpowered if we all have Ice Block.

Which leaves the mages rejoicing about PvE, and really not caring about the PvP.

“LOL WUT?” you say. Yes. Thats right. For the majority of mages, having Ice Block as a trainable ability will impact basically… nothing for us PvP mages.

Yes, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Ice Block is a game breaking talent. Without it, you are guaranteed to fail on a competitive level.
But if you do have Ice Block, that does not guarantee that you will not fail.

To be successful in an arena, you need to be able to outlast your opponent. You need to counter their specials, and have the durability to survive the ones you cannot avoid.
Every mage having Ice Block will not impact the other specs a great deal in the arena.

Even with Ice Block, you lack the control frost mages have. You do not have the ability to kite, you do not have multiple and rapid sources of frost novas.
You do not have Ice Barrier, and the mana-chugging protection that gives you.
You do not have the water elemental, a sickeningly effective killing tool when used effectively.
You do not have ridiculously powerful Ice Lances, one of the best burst damage spells a mage has. Specced for it, Ice Lance IS the best burst damage spell a mage has.
You do not have Cold Snap, allowing you to Ice Block twice in a match, and have a water elemental out for a full minute and a half.

Put bluntly, frost is a dozen-trick pony. And with Ice Block, you get one small trick to surviving.

“But Euri!” you whine, “If a PoM + Pyro mage can get Ice Block, then he can nuke my ass to hell and back and live right through it!”

Let me ask you something. When was that last time you got hit with a PoM + Pyro. Did it hurt? Of course it did. You know why? Because your resilience was shit.
Sorry. That was uncalled for.
Let’s be realistic here.
Mages are essentially a glass cannon. Little survivability, lotsa damage being fired out. We die fast a slug that gets dropped in a bucket of salt, but damn, we’ll hurt you just as bad as that poor slug.
We are the definition of squishy. Pretty much anything can kill us, if they gain the upper hand for even a few seconds.
A fire mage dies very fast in a tense situation. An arcane mage even faster. Simply put, a mage cannot take the hits. This is part of the foundation of the class. worldofwarcraft.com outright says so on their Mage Description page.
Challenge: Staying Alive.

So. Unless we’re frost specced, we’re easy to kill. Ice Block will hardly change that. Will it add to the survivability of non-frost mages? Most certainly. Will it mark the dawn of a whole new era in PvP combat? Not even close.
All it means is that the super-squishy mage will live 10 seconds longer. Thats all.
Once Ice Block is gone, the mage is just as squishy as before. Just as easy to kill. And now his survival trick is gone.

And to you people complaining about how this will effect the arenas, ask yourself.
Search your memory. Do it.
When was the last time you saw a Mage in the arena that did not have Ice Block?

Think about. Any and every moderately successful mage in any arena has Ice Block. Making it trainable will train nothing.
Every mage that PvP’d had Ice Block before… now we’ll all… still have Ice Block. In competitive arenas, this change will do little besides let the arcane and fire mages move up about 50 points in rating. Some might even be able to crack 1600 now.

So, please, for those of you QQing about how this will completely change the Arena dynamics, please be quiet. This will change nothing.

Trainable Ice Block, however, will provide some major changes in a completely different part of WoW.
Yes, I’m talking about PvE. Ice Block is an immunity to everything, and a way to temporarily dump aggro.

You accidentally pull aggro on Quagmirran? Ice Block.
You get hit by Watery Tomb while fighting Hydross? Ice Block.
You get turned in a wee little girl with a Red Hood while fighting ol’granny? Ice Block 10 seconds from the debuff.
Moroes Garrote you? Ice Block. Its gone.
Get caught in the open when Ikiss blows that massive Explosion thingy? Ice Block, and you’ll live happily ever after.

The uses for Ice Block in a PvE environment are many. Used correctly, it will save your healers a lot of aggravation, save your ass, and the collective ass of everyone around you.

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Today I would like to gripe and complain about the annoying things of the Mage class.
This is not a discussion of any serious troubles, gamebreaking mechanics, whatever. Just some very annoying things.
You’ll notice that a fair amount of this gripes are getting fixed in 2.3. Hellz yes! Not every patch is bad.
Goodbye minor annoyances and inconveniences, hello game-breaking mechanics!

What the crap is up with mana gems anyways? This seems to me a brilliant idea that was very poorly executed. The highest rank of mana gems Mages can get costs 1670 mana, and restores anywhere from 1136 to 1364 mana. If anyone cares, this means the max rank of Mana gem has a chance of restoring LESS mana than the next rank down (which restores 1000 to 1200). It just annoys me that I could use the down-ranked version and get more mana back.
And besides, a Super Mana Potion can restore more than double what a mana gem does (1800-3000 for the potion). And another thing. A warlocks healthstone restores far more hp than our mana stone. Sure, you can argue that a healthstone costs reagents, which it does, if you’re not making it in the arena, or any battleground come Patch 2.3 (which has been officially announced, btw).
Result: Annoying! Useful, but annoying.

At 60, and any level below that, Evocation would restore the entire mana bar in 8 seconds. Now, at 70, it almost restores 30% of my mana bar. Mages have so little spirit most of the time (the whole useless stat thing), and so evocate does so little. Of course, this gets a little fix in patch 2.3, to 60% of our mana bar. Very nice buff for most of us high level mages (heavy spirit mages (lol) in mage tier gear might see it as a nerf), generally a huge nerf for all the low level mages. My gripe is simple. You’d think that, for an 8 minute cooldown, it would do a little more. I still like it, mind you, I just don’t like how it used to be so awesome, and got progressively worse every level I gained.
Result: Very annoying! Getting far less annoying in the next patch.

No, this is not going to be a gripe about people “always” pestering mages for food/water/ports, whatever. This is about the current mechanics that food/water brings to raids. Frankly, standing around summoning food/water for 5-10 minutes before a raid was incredibly annoying. I’d do it, sure, ’cause raids are awesome. But it was still annoying.
Anyways, thanks to Blizzard, this inconvenience gets the boot
Result: Used to be a serious peeve. Patch 2.3 gets this fixed. Win.

My only annoyance here was the very high cost of these spells. They cost a fortune to do, and a mage can easily blow through his entire mana pool buffing two parties. Again, this gets fixed. Woot!
Result: Annoying enough that I would never bother to buff anyone besides myself with this, except in Instances/raids. No reciprocal buffs for you, So-and-so from Black Dragonflight! Reduced mana costs = win.

A warrior’s white damage attack doesn’t trigger the GCD. Neither does a Rogue’s. Or a hunter’s. In fact, every basic attack function except wands is exempt from the GCD. So why doe mages, warlocks, and priests get the stupid end of the stick, and be forced to endure a silly GCD for using a wand? There’s probably no good reason to have wands on a GCD, and no reason to not have them on a GCD. It’s just annoying.
Result: Yup. It’s annoying.

Ok, this is a complaint that every class has, but seriously. Why have talents that you’d have to be brain-dead to take? I mean, c’mon! Why would you put talents like Improved Fire Ward and Frozen Core here? Nobody is ever going to take them. They just clutter up our trees with empty boxes. I guess you could use them as a way to laugh at people who take them?
Result: Annoying. Really.

Spirit on Mage’s tier gear just friggin’ pisses me off. Worst itemization ever. If you’re fire, it’s pointless. If you’re frost, it’s pointless. If you’re arcane, you have one talent that takes advantage of it, and I’ll bet you secretly wish that spirit was more spell damage. Don’t you?
Result: Annoying and sad at the same time, since you have to have it to get the good mage gear.

There are nine classes in the game. Every one of them can either heal themselves, or reduce the amount of healing done to their target. Except Mages and, until recently, hunters. Admittedly, rogues and warriors have to have a specific debuff to do it, but thats still a step ahead of mages. If you haven’t heard, Hunters are getting a “Mortal Strike” as well. Last I heard, it was the same effect being applied onto an Aimed Shot. Could someone correct me if I’m wrong? I have severe allergic reactions whenever I try and read any Hunter related information.
But seriously, why are mages singled out here? And don’t tell me “CS nub”. Warriors can interrupt heal spells, so can everyone else, and most of them do it better than mages. Kick anyone? Ever heard of Earthshock? It’s not game breaking, I mean, I can see the argument that all classes were not made equal or whatever, we all have different strengths and weakness and whatnot. But its… annoying to be the only class that just can’t. It makes it impossible to kill a druid that can figure out how to cast lifebloom and rejuvination on himself.
Result: A pet peeve.

Another really clever idea gone the way of being totally and utterly useless.

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Something far more cheerful

The last blog post here was definitely the most bitter one I’ve posted.
I still have not found the logic the Blizz developers have for continously nerfing mages in PvP as a whole, and frost mages in particular.

So maybe I should offer some constructive feedback, yes? Rather than cursing them?


We’ve already established Ice Block is absolutely necessary for a mage to survive in Arena combat. Ice Block allows for us to be healed without repurcussion (assuming there’s a healer on our team). It wipes all negative effects on us, like warlock DoTs. It can be used retro-actively against incredibly powerful hits. (For example, if you see a mage fire a pyroblast at you, you can ice block and avoid damage).
Essentially, Ice Block lets you live through your opponents powerful cooldowns, makes any healers job easier, and wipes all hurtful things on you.
Nothing but win, right?

So, the problem here is that you need to put 21 points into frost to use this necessary talent. That’s why any mage worth half his weight in gold is specced frost for PvP.
But what about those poor mages who aren’t frost?
The ones who, when a Beastmaster hunter pops BigRed, can only go “Oh… crud” and try to run?
The ones who, when faced with a PoM + Pyro, can only hope it doesn’t kill them in one shot?
The ones who are essentially eaten by warlock DoTs because there’s nothing they can do about them?

Here’s my asnwer, and plenty of mages think the same thing.


Ice Block is a major survivability mechanism.
Paladins have? Bubble. Trainable.
Rogues have Vanish, CloS… all trainable.
Priests get a small scale bubble, which is also trainable. (So do mages, but again we have to spec for it)

Don’t agree with what I’m saying? Paladins can heal themselves. Shamans can heal themselves. Priests can heal themselves. So can druids. Warlocks can heal themselves, at your expense. And they have a bubble too. (Trainable, but they lose the VW).
Which leaves only warriors and hunters unable to absorb damage or heal themselves.
Hunters have a whole set of problems of their own in arenas. They have some serious LoS issues that I do not envy. This keeps most hunters far, far away from arenas, so we really don’t need to discuss them here. We’re talking arenas.

Now. Who’s seen a warrior with low armor and hitpoints in an arena? Anyone? Ever seen a warrior under 10k hp? Warriors have tons of hitpoints, and enough honor to make rogues cry in their sleep. Couple that with the fact that warriors can hit almost as hard as any class in the game. (I’ve taken white damage hits of 1k from 70 from warriors still in greens). The average warrior you meet in the arenas is going to be able to do TONS of damage in a very short period of time.
Personally, the highest I’ve run into was a 4.3k crit from Mortal Strike.*
So we can dismiss warriors as having problems in the surviving area.

So… that leaves us with mages. We mages have the lowest base stamina in the game (with the noteable exception of priests. We beat them by two!), have no way to heal ourselves, and our only survival methods come from frost.

So a mage needs to spec frost to gain access to any bubble abilities and survival methods.
Leaving us as the only class in the game that has to spec a certain way to gain access to any way to stay alive.
And don’t say something stupid like “Flame Ward!” or “Mana shield, you moron!”. Those are as close to useless as you can get. The wards are overspecialized to the point of only being on an action bar on the off-chance you fight another mage and have a GCD to spare to absorb some damage. Mana shield is counter-productive to the point that I want a refund for ever spending money on that ability.
Try this on for size: Absorb 500 damage for 1000 mana. Sound good to you? I thought not.

Anyways. I’m wandering again. Where was I?

Right. Mages have to spec just so to gain any worthwhile ways to stay alive, while every other class can train ways to stay alive, has a pet, or has such incredibly high stamina that they don’t need it. And did we mention five of those classes can heal themselves?

At the risk of sounding cliche, how is this fair? How is it fair that mages have to spend 21 talent points to gain any method of surviving damage?
Aloow mages to train Ice Block at level 30, and it will solve at least a few problems. Maybe even let non-frost mages be moderately successful in arenas.

Then you can replace that empty talent slot in the frost tree with something that reduces/eliminates hypothermia.

Again I would like to point out that other classes have ways of reducing the “U CANT BUBBLE LOL” effects, they have to spec for them. (Priest can reduce the weakened spirit thing, warlocks can spec to summon a VW in seconds… blah blah…)

Why not do the same for mages?

Make Ice Block trainable, and replace that talent point with something that reduces the length of time hypothermia lasts.

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