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I’d like to direct you to a post over at Righteous Orbs, though really the only relevant part to my own post is this part:

When I hear the words ‘Flame Leviathan’ I’m thinking kraken meets phoenix, you know? I’m think tentacular wings dripping fire. I’m thinking awe. I’m thinking terror.

I am most assuredly not thinking GOLF CADDY.

If you don’t read Righteous Orbs yet, sucks to be you because NaNaDuraCell or whatever it’s called hates you.

Anyway, point is, Tamarind went into Ulduar-25 without even knowing what Flame Leviathan looked like. Poor Tamarind had no idea what was going on, what to expect, nothing.

Changing gears a little bit, I was chatting with me DK friend, and was all “didja see the green dragon fight?!” and he was all “Nah, man, I never look at that stuff” and I was all “What? Why not?” and he was all “I prefer the new fights to be a surprise, you know?” and I was all “. . . ?”

See, to me, going into an instance without knowing what to expect is equivalent to going into an instance with unkempt gear or terribad talents. Knowing your own class, having the right gear and talents, and knowing everything you can about the next boss fight are all one and the same to me. (more…)

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  • Deep Freeze: This spell now deals a large amount of damage to targets permanently immune to stuns.

Translation: Deep Freeze: This spell now deals a truck load of damage to raid bosses and many trash mobs.

Obviously this won’t work against enemy players, ever. It’s a PvE only thing, and frankly this is good, as the damage it deals is HUGE.

How huge?


As in, self buffed only, it will hit harder than frostbolt crits, and itself will crit for ludicrous numbers like 18k. Yes, 18k. Yes, self buffed only.

It’s bugged right now in that it doesn’t benefit from Ice Shards, but even without it, Deep Freeze is still happily critting away in the 13k, 14k area. Again, I must stress that this is without any raid buffs whatsoever.

With raid buffs up, 13% more spell damage, Totem of Wrath… oh man. It’s just… I mean… wow. Fully raid buffed we’re looking at DF crits of around 24k. This right here, even using DF once every 45 seconds is still going to result in an increase of about 10% to a frost mage’s personal DPS (not including WE), which is about 6% for overall DPS.

Even if nothing else happens, even if the permanent WE and this DF thing are the only changes that make it live, these are HUGE changes. (more…)

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My Water Broke!

So frost got buffed. Hurray! Now please, be silent, stop the clapping, and allow me to be the wet blanket.

These are the two proposed changes:

  • Frozen Core now also causes your Ice Lance criticals to reduce the cast time of your next Frostbolt or Frostfire Bolt by 0.4/0.7/1 sec.
  • Glyph of Eternal Water – Your Summon Water Elemental now lasts indefinitely, but your Water Elemental can no longer cast Freeze.

Frozen Core, in its current incarnation, will never make it live. Sorry, not happening. That amount of burst damage is absolutely INSANE for PvP. Frost is already a very strong, if not the strongest, PvP caster in the game, giving them a tool like this game breakingly good.

That said, it is good for raider frost mages, though not quite as good as it would seem. (more…)

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On Raiding and Stuff

Why do you raid? To experience the content? To throw yourself at difficult content? To see the bosses, the fights, the lore behind them?

“See the content” is brought up repeatedly by nearly every group I’ve ever spoken to. Bloggers, readers, commenters, guildmates, they all want to “see the content.” What does that mean? What do you mean when you say “I want to see the content”?

I’ll tell you what I mean, because this is my blog and I can say what I want. STRAWBERRY MARSHMALLOW KITTENS.

Raiding, to me, is a puzzle. A strategical and tactical scenario that needs to be planned for, prepared for, and then executed with as much precision as one can muster. What the story is, what the bosses happened to be named, are completely irrelevant. (more…)

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The Lies of Lag

One of the top excuses ever used for bad performance or other various screw ups (right behind “blame the healer”) is lag.

More guilds have wiped to lag than any other boss, more players have died to lag than any other enemy. It’s an inconceivably (go on, do it, I dare you) powerful monster, capable of slaughtering thousands in one fell swoop.

It’s also something a large number of us combat on a daily basis. Some of us (like the awesome DK tank mentioned last post) get alarmed and call their ISP when their ping exceeds 100ms. Some of us (like me) are overjoyed if we experience anything less than 400ms.

A brief tangent: Blue Ulduar proved that gear can’t hold you back. “I don’t have the gear” is not a valid excuse.

Well, if you’re green head to toe, chances are you aren’t going to be able to tank Crusader’s Coliseum. But get reasonable gear, well itemized, well tweaked blues and the world is your oyster (even while mounted!).

Lag is treated the same way. “I shouldn’t raid, my latency is so bad” or “I can’t PvP properly”, blah blah blah.

This isn’t a valid excuses. Lag, even heavy lag, is just another challenge to overcome, another hurdle to… well, hurdle. (more…)

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Why Walk When You Can Blink/Slow Fall?

Mages have access to a whole bunch of skills that make others go green with envy. Blink, evocation, blink, frost nova, blink… I think you get the point.

In and of itself, Blink is a fairly innocuous ability. All it does is teleport you forwards 20 yards, and it sometimes fails if the terrain is stupid (like all of the Blade’s Edge arena). The PvP implications here are pretty obvious, after all, the ability to instantly traverse a distance (and escape from stuns!) is incredible.

Of course, the ability to instantly move away from something or towards something is an extremely powerful skill in raiding, too.

This is yet another thing I just sorta assumed most, if not all, mages do. Nearly every boss fight in the game has some sort of mechanic where blinking can make your job easier, the healers job easier, and even utterly trivialize some boss mechanics.

So I made a list!

Note: this list only includes current raid content, and in many cases, will exclude hard mode content, as I have not played that content. If you have, and would like to add your own tricks, by all means do so! I’ll add it to the original post. (more…)

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The tank. The healer. The damage dealer.

This is the holy trinity of WoW. At least one of each is necessary to defeat end game content. Interestingly enough, for early end-game content, only two of these three need be good enough.

Carrying DPS is not a new concept, probably all of us have done it before. Have you ever carried a healer? Carried a tank? Do you even think it’s possible to do that?

It is, you know. Of those three, you only require two of them to be any good to knock over a heroic. You can clear Violet Hold with zero wipes with a poor healer. You can defeat Sladran without a healer. CoS can be defeated wipe free with a barely competent tank. UP can be done smoothly with 20k HP, non crit-capped paladin who doesn’t use consecrate.

Maybe this attests to the ease of the game, but I say nay. Any role, provided they are skilled enough, can carry any other role through content, provided the third role doesn’t suck.

Normally we hear about the tank and healer carrying bad DPS. How come we never hear about the DPS carrying the healers and tanks? (more…)

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The Inevitability of Progress

All of us have been in that nightmarish PuG filled with paladin tanks that don’t consecrate, druids that don’t use HoTs, and DK DPS who can’t stop using death grip.

All of us have been in that PuG from heaven with the ret pally who flawlessly swaps to a spellpower weapon and starts healing when the priest bites it, the prot warrior who for all intents and purposes might as well be omniscient, or the shaman healer who somehow keeps the whole group alive when the tank pulls a boss and two packs of trash simultaneously, and makes it look effortless.

All of us have been in that PuG with the competent hunter, the competent mage, the competent rogue… they weren’t really special, weren’t really all that great, but they weren’t bad. So average you forget them immediately, maybe even forgetting what class they are.

The fact is, behind every single one of those characters, behind the worst mage you’ve ever seen, behind the best druid you’ve ever had the pleasure of running with, is a human being.

Now there are a couple interesting things about human beings. (more…)

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The twin val’kyrs have an interesting “light” and “dark” mechanic that sounds confusing at first, but is actually incredibly easy to pick up. Basically, if you can down faction champions, the twins will not offer any challenge whatsoever.

See, every member of the raid chooses to become light or dark. If you’re dark, you deal more damage to light targets, absorb all dark damage, but take a crap ton of damage from light energy. And, of course, vice versa.

Each twin pulses an aura that deals damage. The dark one hits everyone for 1500 shadow damage, the light one hits everyone for 1500 fire damage. If you have, say, the light buff, that aura that pulses fire damage every 2 seconds is simply absorbed.

As many of you are no doubt aware, arcane mages have this talent called Incanter’s Absorption. This talent increases your spellpower whenever you absorb damage.

I’ll let that sink in for a second. (more…)

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There’s a lot of hate going around this weekend, so I figured I’d join in. Who doesn’t want to start off their work week by shaking their heads and saying “boy oh boy, knowing I’m better than someone else makes me feel so good!”

This is a story that actually happened quite a while ago, mostly because I wanted to see if the hunter in question ever decided to become non-stupid. Happily, the answer is no, as Mr. Trollson is still proudly sporting strength gear and a tanking cloak.

But Rip! I can hear the complaints already. What if he just doesn’t know what he’s doing?!

First off, bullshit, he’s been aware of the existence of blogs like BigRedKitty, Hunter’s Mark and Aspect of the Hare since that Naxx run four months ago.

Second off…

Well, settle in, kodo excrement is about to cease being imaginary in status. (more…)

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