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Holy $%*# Paladins

A few nerfs to holy paladins were announced last night, though I suspect most of them won’t make it through. The LOH one, for instance, has already been removed.

I play a paladin, but I’m not going to talk (much) about the repurcussions to paladins. Rather, I’m going to talk about what such a change has revealed about players in PvP.

My sample size, so far, is limited to the vocal, posting members of the official forums, MMO Champion, and Arena Junkies (AJ).

The two nerfs “everyone” (used in the loosest sense) is talking about are as follows:

  • Sacred Shield can now only occur every 30 sec. (up from 6. The holy talent, Infusion of Light, will reduce the frequency back down to 6 sec.)
  • Lay on Hands can no longer be cast on yourself.

The LOH nerf has already been reverted, the SS nerf is just being thought about. Something is going to happen to SS that doesn’t impact deep holy paladins, but does impact everyone else.

Both of these changes have almost universally been met with loud cheering. Everything from “thank god, finally” to “suck it, paladins” to “finally nerfs to the most unfair class in the game”. (more…)

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Arcane Shatter

Going frost for PvP is so Burning Crusade. The new hotness? Arcane, baby!

I prefer arcane over frost for general PvP, largely for the following reasons:

  • Mobility
  • Mobility
  • Did I already say mobility
  • Cause Seriously
  • This spec is MOBILE
  • Also stupidly powerful crits

Specifically, I use a specific kind of arcane spec, known as “arcane shatter”. It’s a kickass spec, full of ass kicking, though it’s honestly a rather cheap spec to use against the undergeared and underskilled. It’s possible to defeat most opponents by using only slow and arcane barrage. That poor ret paladin…

Anyway, the spec itself is rather simple. 51/0/20, picking up all the good stuff arcane power, icy veins, slow, ABarr. It detours from a “normal” arcane PvP spec in that it doesn’t use arcane blast or arcane missiles. The main nuke is, in fact, frostbolt. (more…)

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Feels Good to Lose

I’ve railed against RNG before, and it remains my hugest complaint about WoW.

RNG is a necessary component of an RPG, or so I’m told by my past self and others. Which I can definitely see, I mean Hot Streak would be less fun it was simply a button you pushed every six seconds, and I think we’ll always fondly remember the T8 machine gun*.

I get all grumpy when RNG crosses the line from fun, mix-it-up mechanic to game breaking, why the bleeding hell did that just happen territory.

Killing Pokemon the Fire Watcher (or whatever his name is), and he drops warlock pants when warlock is the only class not present in the raid is frustrating. Getting feared and watching as the fear path takes you around a pillar then directly into a wall, ending only once you are out of LOS and fifty yards away from your partner is the pinnacle of frustration.

How many people, honestly, really liked random mace stun procs? How many people saw some poor priest get randomly stunned, and exclaimed “OH MAN LOOK AT THAT SKILL!” or “Well played!”

Me, March 23, 2009.

My opinion has not changed. Game breaking RNG is not healthy. A weapon like the ROFLHERALD adds nothing but arbitrary stupid to PvP. (If science can be a verb, then stupid can be a noun.) (more…)

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I specced the paladin prot, gave that a try. It’s very… different from the traditional holy. Understatement of the year. 19/52/0 is the spec I went with, head to toe in holy pvp gear.

So here’s what I’ve learned:

The loss of Holy Shock isn’t nearly as big a deal as I thought it would be. There have been very few situations where an arena game was lost due to a lack of an instant cast heal, and honestly we probably would have lost every one of those situations anyway.

Holy Shock was, honestly, a crutch. I don’t really need it, not even against dual DPS teams.

The extra utility a deep prot spec has is glorious. Avenger’s Shield ain’t no repentance, but a powerful snare/silence followed with HoJ every 30 seconds is extremely potent. We’ve even beaten druid teams! And, of course, the extra survivability is great. Something like 9% complete damage reduction, and 15% spell damage reduction.

Not that I can tell. Chaos Bolt + Conflagrate still hurts like hell, especially when both crit. Ow.

The trend of learning things the very hard way continues, and honestly it’s pretty fun. Paladins have a crap ton of utility, a huge array of Hands and weird little things that are extremely useful in arenas. Presumably. (more…)

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News From the Front!

  • Water Elemental: Waterbolt mana cost reduced by 80%.

Whelp. There’s the answer to the WE’s mana issues. Isn’t that convenient! (Shout out to Magejuego!)

In other news, buffs to fire PvP!

No seriously. Check this stuff out:

  • Blast Wave: The mana cost of this talent has been significantly reduced.
  • Burning Determination: The duration of interrupt immunity granted by this talent is now 20 seconds.
  • Dragon’s Breath: The mana cost of this talent has been significantly reduced.
  • Firestarter: When this talent is triggered, it makes the next Flamestrike cost no mana in addition to being instant.

Something is very wrong here. Major buffs to frost PvE and fire PvP in the same patch? What is this madness?! (more…)

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My Water Broke!

So frost got buffed. Hurray! Now please, be silent, stop the clapping, and allow me to be the wet blanket.

These are the two proposed changes:

  • Frozen Core now also causes your Ice Lance criticals to reduce the cast time of your next Frostbolt or Frostfire Bolt by 0.4/0.7/1 sec.
  • Glyph of Eternal Water – Your Summon Water Elemental now lasts indefinitely, but your Water Elemental can no longer cast Freeze.

Frozen Core, in its current incarnation, will never make it live. Sorry, not happening. That amount of burst damage is absolutely INSANE for PvP. Frost is already a very strong, if not the strongest, PvP caster in the game, giving them a tool like this game breakingly good.

That said, it is good for raider frost mages, though not quite as good as it would seem. (more…)

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The Lies of Lag

One of the top excuses ever used for bad performance or other various screw ups (right behind “blame the healer”) is lag.

More guilds have wiped to lag than any other boss, more players have died to lag than any other enemy. It’s an inconceivably (go on, do it, I dare you) powerful monster, capable of slaughtering thousands in one fell swoop.

It’s also something a large number of us combat on a daily basis. Some of us (like the awesome DK tank mentioned last post) get alarmed and call their ISP when their ping exceeds 100ms. Some of us (like me) are overjoyed if we experience anything less than 400ms.

A brief tangent: Blue Ulduar proved that gear can’t hold you back. “I don’t have the gear” is not a valid excuse.

Well, if you’re green head to toe, chances are you aren’t going to be able to tank Crusader’s Coliseum. But get reasonable gear, well itemized, well tweaked blues and the world is your oyster (even while mounted!).

Lag is treated the same way. “I shouldn’t raid, my latency is so bad” or “I can’t PvP properly”, blah blah blah.

This isn’t a valid excuses. Lag, even heavy lag, is just another challenge to overcome, another hurdle to… well, hurdle. (more…)

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“Buff” Your Reflexes

There’s an interesting little mechanic related to key presses and WoW, which some of you probably know all about. But I’d bet currency of some sort that there are many of you don’t. So allow me to enlighten you.

When you press a key, nothing happens. The button itself is lit up on your client, showing you which spell you’ve selected to cast. But it does not transmit the request to cast the spell until you release the key. If you have a button pressed, you can continue using other abilities as normal. The pressed key doesn’t interfere at all.

Most of you have probably noticed this behaviour, but how many of you have actually trained yourself to take advantage of it? If you have, epic kudos to you, you rock so hard.

For the rest of you… consider the following. (more…)

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Why I WoW

This was (is?) a Blog Azeroth style thingy (I think? Seems like there were a bunch of posts about it), and as usual, I’m weighing in on it absurdly fashionably late.

In short, I play WoW for the challenge. I play the game because it’s capable of providing a fun environment that tests my skills, my knowledge, and my ability to react to situations and puzzles in a strategical and tactical manner.

I’ve mentioned it before, but here goes again.

The style of game I like is a slower, more deliberate style of game. I am not a twitch gamer, and never enjoy myself when playing a twitch game. That is why games like, say, Unreal Tournament or Counterstrike don’t appeal to me in the slightest, but games like Sins of a Solar Empire or Supreme Commander are games I can happily spend entire days playing without break.

I don’t mind having to react quickly to things, what I mind is having to react instantly to things. If you run around a corner and an enemy player is there in Counterstrike, you have… ohh, maybe a hundred milliseconds to win that encounter. Or in my case, usually die horribly before I even registered that there was an enemy. (more…)

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Oh Noez! Ma Living Bombz!

3.2 brought with it two changes to Living Bomb. The first was that it was usable on any number of targets, rather than just one. This change has single-handedly cost me my life at least three times on Hodir’s trash. WORMS!!

The second change was that the crits on the DoT section of Living Bomb would count towards Hot Streak (and naturally, if it didn’t crit, count against it).

As you all no doubt know by now, this last part was hotfixed out of the game so fast basically nobody on live had a chance to do anything with it.

And, of course, the rivers of QQ did pour forth, and behold, for the official forums were awash in the tears of magi world round.

Naturally, every nerf to the mage class (even ones that Blizzard explicitly stated, over and over again, probably wouldn’t go live) brings oceans of QQ. That’s just how the mage class works. We’re like clingy, fragile lovers, apt to break down into tears at the slightest… uhm… slight.

So fine. What are a few more tears, right? Get out your flotation devices, children! Things are about to get wet.

The nerf to Living Bomb (there can be no other word for it, as that’s exactly what it is) is confusing to many. Confounding, even. (more…)

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