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Months Behind

When one is months behind, it means they’re doing something like clearing Black Temple four weeks after Wrath shipped, or finally clearing Naxxramas once most guilds have cleared out all the Ulduar hard mode content.

Such is the case with me, having just now started to raid Ulduar, on the very cusp of patch 3.2.

And it’s fun as hell.

A quick rundown of past events (for those of you who don’t stalk me):

Stay Frosty, as a guild, kinda fell apart over the course of about a day. No blow up, no massive drama, just about 90% of the raiders deciding it would be more fun to join Shai Hulud, Duskwood’s premiere raiding guild.

Those that didn’t /gquit for Shai either left for other guilds, or quit the game altogether. Nearly overnight, one of Duskwood’s top raiding guilds became a complete ghost town.

This means that every guild I have ever joined has collapsed within nine months of me signing on.

Not that I’m superstitious or anything, but seriously… what the carp is going on here.

But anyway, I’m now sporting the banner of For Whom The Bell Tolls, which is basically the people from Anathema, Anathema being the guild I raided with in BC.

Hopefully I don’t kill their guild somehow this time. Though two people have quit since I joined, which was last goddamn week…

Ulduar, then. (more…)

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Look At Me, I’m Special!

So I got interviewed over at Grinding to Valhalla, so you should probably check that out if you haven’t already.

It’s… long. I warn you now, you will be reading for some time.

But hey, if you have any interest in how things work around here (“here” beingĀ  a general term for CQQ), I’d read it.

No seriously, I would.

I mean, I wrote it, and it’s about me, of course I would read it!

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Arthas: the Review

A webcomic requires two things: writing and art.

Some comics have bad writing and good art (MegaTokyo, flame away), some have good writing but awful art (Dominic Deegan, until the Storm of Souls arc ended anyways), some have neither (most of them) and some have both (The Meek).

As Hanna Barbara theorized (and proved with Flinstones/Jetsons et al), plenty of people are willing to forgive sub par (even awful) art as long as the writing is good.

When it comes to webcomics, I consider good art a scrumptious bonus. I am willing to put up with horrendous art as long as the writing and characters are well done.

Y’see, I’m an absolute sucker for solid characterization. It’s always what I like best if it’s well done, and it’s always the first thing I rag on when it’s poorly done. There is little I despise more than a Mary Sue/Marty Stu.

If the characters are well done, well orchestrated, well written, I am more than willing to forgive logic flaws and plot holes, and am even willing to go to the effort of defending these flaws. (Star Wars being the perfect example of this. Except Jar Jar.) (more…)

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Hi There, Remember Me?

Hey, there, loyal readers of my pointless ramblings! Welcome back to the blog I used to update frequently!

I’d like to say I was busy with this, or that, or dealing with University or something, but none of that’s true.

I’ve been playing tons of Rock Band 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, and TF2. With WoW occasionally sandwiched in between bouts of gaming my face off.

Which neatly brings me to my first rant of the night.

“Why do you spend so much time playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero? Why not go learn to play a real instrument?”

Allow me to answer your question with a questions of my own.

Why do you spend so much time playing GTA? Why not go buy a gun, steal a car, and go run over real people?

Why do you spend so much time playing Call of Duty? Why not go join a real army and shoot real people?

Why do you spend so much time stomping on turtles in Mario? Why not go stomp on real turtles and eat real mushrooms?

Why do you spend so much time raiding in WoW? Why don’t you go tame a real tiger and shoot arrows at real people wearing dresses?

Why do you spend so much time playing the Sims? Why don’t you just turn the computer off and actually cook meals/get a job/go swimming/flirt with your neighbour? (more…)

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Swimming Upstream

Rational thinking would have us believe that “casuals” are ruining gaming. Companies like Nintendo and Popcap appeal to the lowest common denominator, spend next to nothing making these games, and make gigantic wads of cash from them.

Thus, making these smaller casual games is more profitable, and so more and more companies make them, abandoning the “better”, more “hardcore” games.

At least, that’s the impression so many have. It’s difficult to even count the number of times “casual games are killing the industry” has been thrown around.

It’s difficult to even fathom how horrifically wrong this idea is, either.

“Casual” games have been on the rise for many years. Some treat it as a passing fad, others herald it as the apocalypse… both are wrong.

Casual games did not suddenly appear out of nowhere. Their creation was carefully engineered to produce large quantities of profit for the companies that created them. (more…)

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Suspension of Disbelief

In an effort to practice reviewing stuff before reviewing “Arthas: Rise of the Lich King”, I review other stuff to practice my trolling critiquing.


Many, many people like to throw words around like “illogical” and “preposterous” when discussing movies. It’s used as a sort of catch-all phrase for “stupid”.

Essentially, saying something is illogical conveys two meanings. Either the movie was inept and failed to follow it’s own internal logic, or whatever happened in the movie could not possibly happen in the real world.

The latter meaning is utterly ridiculous. This is fiction. Expecting it to play by the rules of the real world is… dare I say it… preposterous and illogical.

There’s a little something called the willing suspension of disbelief. It’s us, the audience, willing to put up with and enjoy things that probably aren’t entirely realistic.

Sure, maybe in real life a man wouldn’t fare so well if he jumped out of a car going 80mph, but when Bruce Willis does it’s perfectly reasonable.

What we, the audience, have an issue with is when things fail to be internally consistent. (more…)

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It’s Always Me Alone in the End

A long, long time ago, a friend of mine got me into WoW. He rolled a mage, and so I followed suit. Originally, we had intended to play together, but he already had something like a 20 level head start on me.

I was supposed to quickly close this gap, instead I fell in love with PvP and spent months at 29, 39, 49, etc, rather than leveling.

We occasionally would try out alts, again with the intention of playing together, but those never lasted for one reason or another. Either playing a warrior was too boring for one of us, or the other would “accidentally” level ten times; so on and so forth.

We never got a chance to avidly play together until we hit end-game. Which didn’t last long, as aforementioned friend quit the game.

He’s back, now. Thanks to Death Knights starting at 55 and me possessing 5 alts within the 59-70 range, we played together. Freakin’ all the time. Nearly every day since February we’ve spent something like 2-8 hours doing stuff in WoW together.

To an unknowing outsider, we probably look like a gay married couple that never argues for no adequately explained reason.

Problem is, neither of us are really capable of playing at all on our own anymore. (more…)

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So there’s this show on TV called “24”. It’s wrapping up it’s 7th season, so if you wanted to see one of the freshest and most entertaining shows in the past decade or two, you’re too late. But I digress, as usual.

24 has a catch phrase. Y’see, the gimmick of the show is that it plays out in real time. 24 hours, and there’s this malign clock constantly ticking throughout the entire show. The clock is everywhere. It is always there, mercilessly recording the passage of time, counting down to a major character’s death more often than anything else.

Every episode, at least one character will say “we’re running out of time” or “we’re out of time” or some variant thereof. Sometimes they’ll say “you’re” or “almost”, but the phrase is basically always the same.

As a family, we began to ritualistically watch the show starting in season 2. It got to the point where we would all cheer whenever the catch phrase was spoken.

And then… we began noticing the phrase elsewhere. In fact, everywhere. It’s to the point now where it’s nearly impossible to watch anything that does not include the phrase “running out of time”.

Take, for instance, a recent experiment where we collected a random plethora of TV shows and movies that have nothing at all to do with 24.

We watched Zoolander, for instance, a highly odd comedy about mildly insane morons. The catch phrase in question was used twice.

A coincidence? I think not. (more…)

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A little girl with cancer

As with all things logical, we start in a place of utter despair and sadness.

There exists a little girl named Eleanor Sultan. She is five. She is also dying.

I won’t go into too many details, because there is a far better and more emotional post here over at Skeleton Jack.

Suffice to say, she has a 40% chance of survival if the planets align correctly, and Skeleton Jack is hosting quite the raffle in order to raise some cash. All the details are in the same post.

But anyway, for the gold mongers among you, this is the rundown:

Donate $10, you get a raffle ticket. Donate $50, you get six of ‘em. Donate $100, you get 14.

The award of the raffle depends on how much is donated. As of this writing, $2500 has already been donated, 10000 is currently up for grabs with the raffle, and that is only increasing.

Comedic Relief

In a classic Shakespearian move, it’s time for the comedic relief.

If you haven’t yet, WoW Relief is an awesome and extremely well done blog and you should go read it. Like right now.

Then add it to your feed burner. Or bookmark it if you’re still living in the caveman age of internet browsing.

I keed, I keed.

But seriously, the site is awesome.

It’s got numerous and excellent articles, stories that range from the hilarious to the heartbreaking, and most importantly, an interview with the hunter heart throb herself, Pike.

The site has a month of excellent blogging under it’s belt now, I don’t expect this to change any time soon. Here’s to a year of writing, you crazy dancing pirates.

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Renovations are underway here on this fine blog.

See that “Critical” section? Everything on there is in the process of being finalized for Wrath. Work has been going on for some time to get them all up to snuff.

A fair amount of them will likely be reposted. As many of them from the TBC era, leaving them and their comments as is is likely to be extremely confusing.

The new guide to fire raiding just went live, and frost/arcane should be heading up very soon.

Then, I still have to add like a bajillion glyphs to the glyphs guide, update the “gearing up for 70 80 PvP” thing in time for S6…

And so forth.

I’m also trying to keep the guides shorter. I tend to be long-winded and wordy; though nowhere near the level of other bloggers, it’s still something I’d like to cut down.

So anyway. That’s what I’m doing here. Maybe I’ll have time to actually post some original content, though probably not. Such is the price of relevancy!

Though there are still those other guides I’ve had requests for that I should probably add…

Jeez, at this rate I should go work for Brady Games. I already have the embarrasing typo thing down pat.


Just updated the Glyph post for 3.1. See, look how busy I am!

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